SMITH Blow Shot Boron - Tidewading Seabass Plugging Rod 8ft 6in, 8-25g

This rod has been designed for the tide wader that requires a rod that can launch big hard lures into the distance, and still have the crispness that you expect from SMITH. The cosmetics are stunning with the usual top quality you expect from a Japan-built rod. The Blow Shot Boron is for the specialist angler who knows what he is looking for: long range casts, keep the line high and out of the surf, hitting big fish at distance and being in control.
Built from Graphite, Boron with Kevlar giving it unique characteristics - it throws small lures, greater distances, very accurately.
You can cast all day with their smooth casting action with both with large and small lures and the sensitive tip gives this rod a perfect action when using soft lures.
Made in Japan.
Code BS86TW
Length 8ft 6in (260cm)
Casting Weight 8-25g
Line Test 8-14lbs
Handle (EVA) 1ft 6in (44cm)
Pieces 2-piece
Weight 160g