SMITH Dragonbait Exojerk Jerkbait Rod 6ft 10in, 25-100g

More powerful than a standard jerkbait rod, the EXOJERK is capable of taming fish in European waters and also quite capable of handling exotic species in the Carribean, Indian and Pacific Oceans like peacock bass, tuna, horse mackeral, wahoo, mahi mahi, snapper and most destination species.
The action of this rod makes the top section do most of the work when casting, but when fighting powerful fish the rest of the blank comes into play, deep down in the butt section. To be able to give SMITH Dragonbait rods the best of both casting performance and fighting ability, all rods in the series are produced using mixed modulus construction (combining different types of graphite in different sections of the rod) for maximum power.
It has a longer handle and rings of more appropriate size - it's lightweight and a smooth caster and being a 3-piece spinning rod makes it ideal for travel.

Length 6ft 10in (210cm, 73cm packed)
Casting Weight 25-100g
Line Class 10-30lbs
Handle (EVA) 1ft 6in (45cm)
Pieces 3-piece
Weight 199g