SMITH Dragonbait Sea Bass 73M - Plugging Rod 7ft 3in, 5-25g

The Dragonbait Seabass series are truly great value for money - offering great action and fishing at a reasonable price.
Their progressive action makes the top section do most of the work when casting, but when fighting powerful fish the rest of the blank comes into play, deep down in the butt section. To be able to give SMITH Dragonbait rods the best of both casting performance and fighting ability, all rods in the series are produced using mixed modulus construction (combining different types of graphite in different sections of the rod) for maximum power.
The 73M is a great rod for distance casting with accuracy and finesse especially is you are in a tight spot. Specifically designed for fishing small to medium sized soft bait. It offers finesse and sensitivity in just one great rod. Ideal for bass fishing with soft bait in the UK.

Length 7ft 3in (220cm)
Casting Weight 5-25g
Line Class 6 - 14lbs
Pieces 2-piece
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