SMITH Paddlist 611M - Kayak Plugging Rod 6ft 11in, 7-30g

The PADDLIST 611M is designed to animate hard and soft lures with ease. Its length is specifically designed to keep control of the fish even if it takes off around your kayak.
This rod has a distictive blue blank and a superb cosmetic finish - it fishes like a dream ... light weight in the hand yet has a powerful butt-section to be able to land serious fish; target sea bass, pollack, mullet, bream, snapper, well just about anything in its line class!
The ergonomic handle provides a secure grip and the butt contains a screw on metal frame that helps to balance the short handle. A hook screwed into the butt serves firstly to allow you to clip on a lanyard and secure the rod to your kayak, the other to allow water to escape from a wet handle so that its easy to disassemble the rod after a good days fishing.
All the rings are standard Fuji Titanium K-frame - double ligature for extreme use
Fuji reel anti slip seat.
Made in Japan

Code PAD611M
Length 6ft 11in (207.5cm)
Casting Weight 7-30g
Line Class 8-14lbs
Handle (EVA) 1ft 4in (40cm)
Pieces 2-piece (T+1)
Weight 140g
Kayak 175cm